"SIFU A.K.ABBASS receiving International Champion Award From Actor Padmashree Kamalahasan"

  • International Champion 1982.
  • Best Instructor Award 2009 in Kung-Fu.
  • 5th Degree Black-Belt in Kung-Fu.
  • 2nd Dan Black - Belt in Karate.


Our Institution TAE-BO KUNG-FU
is concerned with that discipline of Martial Arts called the ‘Art of Fist cuffs’ (Chaun Shu). It is the art of open hand fighting employing a series of movement of attacks,blocks and Kicks without the use of weapons. The course is designed in such a way; the technique can be used in practical life as self-defense.


I started my Martial-Art Training at the Age of Fourteen. Now I am aged 47. Trained under SIFU.H.M. Sham graded my Higher Black-Belt in Kung-Fu Travel Sri Lanka Trained under Shihan Gamini Soysa and graded Higher Black-Belt in Karate and also Trained in Kalari pyat, and all types of oriental Martial Arts & Weapons and Kick Boxing.
Chief Instructor